Coke Studio 1 - Episode 05

Coke Studio 1 - Episode 05

Album Category: Hindi, Non Film
Year: 2011
Music Director: R.D. Burman, Raghu Dixit, Leslie Lewis
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri, Raghu Dixit, Pinky Poonawala
Label: Sony Music
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Song Listing

Singer: Richa Sharma, Ustad Rashid Khan
Genre: Punjabi Folk, Pop, Hindustani
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Hey Bhagwan
Singer: Raghu Dixit
Music Director: Raghu Dixit
Lyricist: Raghu Dixit
Genre: Pop, Rock, Carribean
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Aisiyan Nighawan / Paluke Bangaara
Singer: Richa Sharma, Bombay Jayashri
Genre: Sugam, Pop, Carnatic
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Aao Naa Gale Lagao Naa
Singer: Parthiv Gohil, Divya Lewis
Music Director: R.D. Burman
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Genre: Pop, Sugam, Rock
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Singer: Bombay Jayashri, Ustad Rashid Khan
Genre: Sugam, Pop, Hindustani
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Tere Bin Main
Singer: Richa Sharma, Bombay Jayashri, Raghu Dixit, Parthiv Gohil, Leslie Lewis, Divya Lewis, Ustad Rashid Khan
Music Director: Leslie Lewis
Lyricist: Pinky Poonawala
Genre: Sugam, Pop, Rock
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  • Jogi - A popular Punjabi song sung during weddings that describes a bride's wait for her groom. Fused with a bandish in Raag Yaman
  • Hey Bhagwan - Written by Raghu Dixit, for his first single - The Raghu Dixit Project. The song is about asking for a second chance from God to lead one's life in a better way.
  • Aisiyan Nighawan / Paluke Bangaara - A romantic song originally sung by the legendary singer Noorjehan, fused with Paluke Bangara, a very popular Carnatic composition from 17th century by Saint Bhadrachala Ramadas, where he pleads Rama to come and save him
  • Aao Naa Gale Lagao Naa - Originally composed by RD Burman and sung by Asha Bhosle, from the 1972 Bollywood movie "Mere Jeevan Saathi".
  • Kaatyaayan - A verse from the Bhishma Parva from Mahabharata, where Krishna asks Arjun to seek Goddess Durga's blessings