Album Category: Hindi, Film
Year: 1984
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Album Credits: MUSIC: Dilip Chitre. SINGERS: Pandit Sharadchandra Arolkar, Sushma Shreshtha. MUSIC PERFORMED BY: FLUTE: Malhar Rao Kulkarni; SAROD: Shridatta Prabhu Tendulkar; TABLA: A.V. Mulgaonkar, More...
Film Credits: DIRECTOR: Dilip Chitre. STORY: Bhau Padhye. SCREENPLAY: Dilip Chitre. DIALOGUE: Vasant Deo. ACTOR: Satyadev Dubey, More...


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  • This film was adapted from a Marathi short story by Bhau Padhye.
  • This was poet and painter Dilip Chitre's only Hindi film as a director. He had earlier co-written the script of the film "Vijeta" (1982) with Satyadev Dubey, who acted in this film. Perhaps his best-known contribution to Hindi films is the poems written by him used in Govind Nihalani's film "Ardh Satya" (1983), including the poem that gave the film its title.[1][2]
  • This film was financed by NFDC after its script won the second prize in a script-writing competition organised by them. The first prize in the competition was won by "Massey Sahib" (1985) and the third prize by "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro" (1983).[3][4]
  • This was a songless film.