Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaya

Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaya

Album Category: Hindi, Film
Year: 1981
Music Director: Ustad Bahadur Khan, Kersi Lord
Lyricist: Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Javed Akhtar
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Film Credits: DIRECTOR: M.S. Sathyu. PRODUCER: M.S. Sathyu. STORY: Shama Zaidi. SCREENPLAY: Shama Zaidi, More...

Song Listing

Kaali Mai Diya Salai
Singer: Sharon Prabhakar
Music Director: Kersi Lord
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
Genre: Pop
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Singer: Krishna Dhar
Music Director: Ustad Bahadur Khan
Lyricist: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
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  • This was Anil Kapoor's first film in a lead role. He got this role on Shabana Azmi's recommendation. It was also the debut film of actor Pankaj Kapur.
  • Masood Akhtar, who had acted in this film, made a documentary titled "Kahan Kahan Se Guzre" (2012) on the life and work of M.S. Sathyu. The title of the documentary was adapted from the name of this film.[1]
  • This film had live footage of Indira Gandhi making a campaign speech during the 1980 Lok Sabha elections.
  • Singer Sharon Prabhakar debuted as an actor in this film.
  • This was the debut Hindi film of composer Kersi Lord.
  • This was Javed Akhtar's first Hindi film as a lyricist. However, since the film did not have a music release, "Silsila" (1981), released later that year, is considered to be his debut film as a lyricist.[2]


  • Kaali Mai Diya Salai - Farah Khan made her Bollywood debut in this film song. She not only choreographed the dance in this song but also appeared on screen as a dancer. She apparently landed the job because the producer, director M.S. Sathyu lived in the same apartment building as her.[MR12]