Listen To The Pouring Rain

Listen To The Pouring Rain

Singers: Usha Iyer
Music Director: Various artists
Lyricists: Usha Iyer, Various artists
Genre: Pop, Byla, Medley
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Album: Bombay To Goa
Year: 1972
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • This was a medley made up of five cover songs - "Listen To The Pouring Rain", based on Jose Feliciano's "Rain" (1969); "Temptation", originally recorded by Bing Crosby for the film "Going Hollywood" (1933); "I Married A Female Wrestler", a popular Goan song; "Fever" (1956), originally recorded by Little Willie John; and "It's All Right With Me", originally written by Cole Porter for the musical "Can-Can", which first played at Broadway in 1953. Usha Uthup changed the lyrics of the songs to circumvent potential copyright challenges.[1][2][3][4]
  • Usha Iyer not only sang this song but appeared on the screen for it.