Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Ishara Ho Gaya

Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Ishara Ho G-


Singers: Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt
Music Director: O.P. Nayyar
Lyricists: Jan Nisar Akhtar
Genre: Filmi
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Album: C.I.D.
Year: 1956
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • The violin solo in this song may have been inspired by a violin solo in the introduction of the song "Mast Pawan Shaakhen Lahrayen" ("Haar Jeet", 1940) composed by R.C. Boral.[1]
  • This was the only song in the film whose lyrics were written by Jan Nisar Akhtar. However, the opening credits listed only Majrooh Sultanpuri who wrote the film's remaining songs.