Main Hoon Madam Bawri

Main Hoon Madam Bawri

Singers: Usha Khanna
Music Director: Usha Khanna
Lyricists: Prem Warbartani
Genre: Filmi, Pop
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Album: Faisla
Year: 1965
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • It appears that this song was not issued on records. Since the film's opening credits listed Asad Bhopali and Prem Warbartani as lyricists and since all the other songs were issued on records and credited to Bhopali, it is likely that this song was written by Prem Warbartani. However, according to the Hindi Film Geet Kosh, music director Usha Khanna attributed this song as well to Bhopali.[MR1]