Rabba Aur Saha Naa Jaye Kuchh To Bol

Rabba Aur Saha Naa Jaye Kuchh To Bo-


Singers: Ram Sampath, Clinton Cerejo, Keerthi Sagathia
Music Director: Ram Sampath
Lyricists: Munna Dhiman
Genre: Punjabi Folk, Pop, Electronic
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Album: Fukrey
Year: 2013
Album Category: Hindi, Film
Credits: ADDITIONAL ARRANGEMENT: Vrashal Chavan, Pruthu Parab. GUITAR: Pruthu Parab. CONTAINS ADAPTATION OF: A Little Night Music; BY: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.




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  • A musical interlude in this song was adapted from Mozart's musical piece "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" (English: "A Little Night Music").