Frustiyao Nahin Moora (Morning)

Frustiyao Nahin Moora (Morning)

Singers: Deepak Kumar - I
Music Director: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyricists: Varun Grover
Genre: Hindi Folk, Pop
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Album: Gangs Of Wasseypur - 2
Year: 2012
Album Category: Hindi, Film
Credits: VOCALS: Deepak Kumar (Muzaffarpur). PRODUCED BY: Venkat Iyer, State Recall. MIXED BY: Venkat Iyer, State Recall, Chinmaye Harshe.



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  • Singer Deepak Kumar recorded this song when he was 15 years old.
  • Manna Dey, more than 90 years old at the time, was initially approached to sing this song but he politely declined due to health reasons.[1]