Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai (Male)

मेरे अंगने में तुम्हारा क्या काम है-

- (पुरुष)

गायक: अमिताभ बच्चन
संगीतकार: कल्याणजी - आनंदजी, परंपरागत
गीतकार: परंपरागत, हरिवंश राय बच्चन
शैली: फ़िल्मी, हिन्दी लोक
सम्पूर्ण रेटिंग:
मेरी रेटिंग:
एल्बम: लावारिस
वर्ष: १९८१
एल्बम वर्ग: हिन्दी, फ़िल्म




  • पुरस्कारों की जानकारी उपलब्ध नहीं है

सामान्य ज्ञान

  • The music and lyrics of this song were adapted from a popular folk song of Uttar Pradesh. The song's lyrics were credited to Harivansh Rai Bachchan in the initial audio release of the film. However, when its folk origins came to be known, his name was removed from the credits in subsequent releases. This folk song was also adapted for a song in the film "Maze Le Lo" (1975). A few lines of the folk song were also sung in the film "Bombay Talkie" (1970) directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant.[1][2]
  • This song may have inspired the song "Apne Apne Miyan Pe Sabko Bada Naaz Hai" ("Apna Bana Lo", 1982). While this song was sung by and filmed on Amitabh Bachchan, "Apne Apne Miyan Pe Sabko Bada Naaz Hai" was filmed on Rekha, who was rumoured to be involved with Amitabh at the time.[3]
  • Amitabh Bachchan used to sing this song and "Rang Barse" at his house every Holi. Yash Chopra heard him sing the songs once and asked him to sing "Rang Barse" for "Silsila" (1981), and Prakash Mehra used his voice for this song in "Laawaris" (1981).[4][5]