Dil Jalta Hai Toh Jalne De

Dil Jalta Hai Toh Jalne De

Singers: Mukesh
Music Director: Anil Biswas
Lyricists: Safdar Aah
Genre: Ghazal
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Album: Pehli Nazar
Year: 1945
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • This song, amongst Mukesh's first hit songs, has him singing in K.L. Saigal's style.
  • Pre-release, this song was not received well by the film's distributors because they felt that Mukesh's voice did not suit the hero, Motilal. Producer Mazhar Khan wanted to remove the song from the film but when a tearful Mukesh pleaded, he agreed to keep the song in the film on the condition that he would remove it after the first show, if it was not received well. The song was liked by the audience so much that the producer retained it in the film and the song became a big hit.[MR3]
  • Mukesh went missing when this song was about to be recorded. Music director Anil Biswas had to send some people to fetch him to the studio. On reaching the studio, when Anil da chided him, Mukesh said he would not record the song. Anil Biswas slapped him and asked him to bring the pain to the recording room.[MR6]