Duniya Banane Wale Kya Tere Man Mein Samaai

Duniya Banane Wale Kya Tere Man Mei-

-n Samaai

Singers: Mukesh
Music Director: Shankar - Jaikishan
Lyricists: Hasrat Jaipuri
Genre: Filmi
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Album: Teesri Kasam
Year: 1966
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • Majrooh Sultanpuri was arrested by the Congress government in 1949 for his leftist writings in general and for a poem he wrote targetting Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in particular. The poem in question was - "Aman ka jhanda is dharti par kisne kaha lahraane na paaye / Yeh bhi koi Hitler ka hai chela, maar le saathi jaane na paaye / Commonwealth ka das hai Nehru, maar le saathi jaane na paaye". When asked to apologise, Majrooh refused and was consequently sent to jail, leaving behind his family at home. Understanding Majrooh's predicament, Raj Kapoor visited him in jail and asked him to write poems for him for a generous fee. It was then that Majrooh had written the mukhda of this song. Hasrat Jaipuri developed this mukhda into a full song. Another poem Majrooh wrote for Raj Kapoor in jail was the song "Ek Din Bik Jayega Maati Ke Mol" ("Dharam Karam", 1975).[1][2]
  • The film featured a short, female version of this song sung by Suman Kalyanpur. The female version was not part of the film's music records.