Zindagi Jab Bhi Teri Bazm Mein Laati Hai Hamen

Zindagi Jab Bhi Teri Bazm Mein Laat-

-i Hai Hamen

Singers: Talat Aziz
Music Director: Khayyam
Lyricists: Shahryar
Genre: Ghazal
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Album: Umrao Jaan
Year: 1981
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • This was ghazal singer Talat Aziz's first Hindi film song. Khayyam had attended a concert by Aziz in 1978 and appreciated his performance. He had promised to Aziz that he would give him a break some day and he fulfilled his promise with this song.[1]
  • This song wasn't part of the film's original script. It was Khayyam who had suggested that this song be added to establish the poetic flair of Farooq Shaikh's character.[2]