Gollu Aur Pappu

Gollu Aur Pappu

Album Category: Hindi, Film
Year: 2014
Music Director: Raptilez 101, Santokh Singh Dhaliwal, Prashant Vadhyar, Jasleen Aulakh, Shamir Tandon
Lyricist: Raptilez 101, Arshia Nahid, Niren Bhatt, Polly Sanghera, Virag Mishra
Label: T-Series
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Album Credits: SAAZ, RABAB: Tapas Roy. GUITARS, UKELELE: Debarpito. VOCALS: Robo Siingh, Reena JJ. FILM SCORE PROGRAMMING & PRODUCTION: Dipanjan Guha, More...
Film Credits: DIRECTOR: Kabir Sadanand. STORY: Raghuveer Shekhawat, Shobhit Jaiswal. SCREENPLAY: Raghuveer Shekhawat. DIALOGUE: Raghuveer Shekhawat. ACTOR: Dimple Kapadia, More...

Song Listing

Gollu Aur Pappu
Singer: Yadwinder Singh, Daanvir Singh Mavi, Paran Preet, Udai Bir Singh
Music Director: Raptilez 101
Lyricist: Raptilez 101
Genre: Filmi, Hip-hop, Pop
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Maa Yeh Sach Hai Har Pal Kami Si Hai
Singer: Kunal Ganjawala, Santokh Singh Dhaliwal
Music Director: Santokh Singh Dhaliwal
Lyricist: Arshia Nahid
Genre: Filmi
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Ye Hi Mera Desh Hai
Singer: Prashant Vadhyar
Music Director: Prashant Vadhyar
Lyricist: Niren Bhatt
Genre: Filmi, Pop, Rock
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Singer: Jasleen Aulakh
Music Director: Jasleen Aulakh
Lyricist: Polly Sanghera
Genre: Pahadi, Punjabi Folk
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Hum Dono Kahin Ek Ek Na Ho Jaayen
Singer: Shaan, Shamir Tandon, Madhuri Pandey, Virag Mishra, Ahan Shah
Music Director: Shamir Tandon
Lyricist: Virag Mishra
Genre: Filmi, Pop
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  • The film was reportedly released in a rush without informing the film's director or cast. It was speculated that this was done since the producers had struck a satellite deal for the film and, by rule, the film could not be telecast on TV unless it had been released in theatres. The film's director Kabir Sadanand was disappointed that he had not been given enough time to promote the film.[1]