Darshan Do Ghanshyam

Darshan Do Ghanshyam

Singers: Hemant Kumar, Sudha Malhotra, Manna Dey
Music Director: Ravi
Lyricists: Gopal Singh Nepali
Genre: Bhajan, Sugam
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Album: Narsi Bhagat
Year: 1957
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • This song appeared in a quiz question in the Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. The lead character of the film was asked to identify the poet who wrote this song and answered Surdas. According to the quizmaster in the film, this was the right answer. The real answer though is that the song was written by Gopal Singh Nepali, inspired by the words of the poet Narsinh Mehta, on whom the film Narsi Bhagat was based.[MR4]
  • Music director Ravi sued the makers of Slumdog Millionaire for Rs. 20 crores for using this song in the film without permission.[MR4]