Is there a MySwar app?

No. The website is mobile friendly and provides a rich interface on mobile devices.

What kind of music does MySwar have?

MySwar has Hindi film and non-film music. We started off with film music and consider ourselves to be the most comprehensive catalog of Bollywood music. We also have a growing catalog of non-film, Hindi albums.

How do we listen to songs?

You can listen to songs through the YouTube videos embedded on the song pages (like this page for Bahon Mein Chale Aao). You can also listen to songs through pre-packaged Playlists available throughout our website (eg:- Best Songs of 2012, Popular Songs of Kishore Kumar, etc.). Here is our blog post on playlists on MySwar.

Can we download songs?

You cannot download songs directly from our website. However, the shopping cart against each song links to the song on iTunes. You can purchase those songs through iTunes. Note: Depending on your location, the iTunes link on our website may be an affiliate link (meaning, we get paid a fraction of your purchases).

Why is information missing for many albums?

Since we listen to every song and extensively review information quality before cataloguing, it takes a little time to get albums into our website. At this time, our database includes all years listed on the Browse By Year page. We are in the process of cataloguing album information for the remaining years. If you find any album or song missing, please do let us know through the Contact Us page or using the Feedback present on every screen.

Why is information missing for many artists?

This is work in progress and given the large number of artists, it is likely to remain so for some time. However, we continuously update the artist pages and you should be able to find bios and other details for most major artists.

Your award section does not have some information.

We have recorded most major awards like National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards, Screen Awards and GiMA awards. Please register and help us build up the award section further.

Do you verify information (awards, trivia) submitted by users?

Yes, we verify all user submitted information.

Why aren't Buy links available for certain albums/songs?

It's because they are not available in the store we associate you with (either Flipkart or iTunes).

Something is not working.

We're extremely sorry. Please tell us about the issue you face or the error you encountered and we'll try and fix it as soon as we can. Use the Contact Us page or the Feedback button present on every screen.

Do you provide song lyrics?

Not at present.

Why are you not allowing us to update more data?

At this time, we are limiting user updates to ensure that the quality our our data is not compromised. However, we are exploring ways to open up to more user contribution while maintaining information quality.