Kaisi Haseen Aaj Bahaaron Ki Raat Hai

Kaisi Haseen Aaj Bahaaron Ki Raat H-


Singers: Talat Mahmood, Mohammed Rafi
Music Director: Naushad
Lyricists: Shakeel Badayuni
Genre: Filmi, Sugam
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Album: Aadmi
Year: 1968
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • This song was originally recorded by Talat Mahmood and Mohammed Rafi. According to some accounts, Manoj Kumar got Talat Mahmood's voice replaced with Mahendra Kapoor's voice in the film. This was the only time Rafi and Mahendra Kapoor sang together for a duet. However, according to Mahendra Kapoor's son Ruhan, his father was brought in since there was a consensus that Talat's voice did not suit the song. Mahendra Kapoor apparently sought Talat's permission to sing the song and the senior singer graciously acquiesced.[1][MR3]