Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aaja

Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aaja

Singers: A.R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan
Music Director: A.R. Rahman
Lyricists: Irshad Kamil
Genre: Filmi, Rock, Sugam
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Album: Rockstar
Year: 2011
Album Category: Hindi, Film
Credits: DRUM: Sivamani. ACOUSTIC GUITAR: Keba Jeremia. ELECTRIC GUITAR: Sanjeev Thomas.






  • Irshad Kamil adapted a doha written by Baba Farid to come up with the lines sung by Mohit Chauhan towards the end of this song. This doha was used previously in the title song of the film "Piya Milan Ki Aas" (1961) and in "Kaaga Sab Tan Khaiyo (Kithe Nain Na Jodin)" ("Himalay Putra", 1997).[1][2]