Lakhon Salaam (Ya Nabi Ya Nabi Ya Nabi Ul Huda)

Lakhon Salaam (Ya Nabi Ya Nabi Ya N-

-abi Ul Huda)

Singers: A.R. Rahman
Music Director: Kaashif Sahib, A.R. Rahman
Lyricists: Kaashif Sahib
Genre: Sufi/Qawwali, Filmi
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Album: Jugni
Year: 2016
Album Category: Hindi, Film
Credits: MUSIC & LYRICS: Kaashif Sahib. PRODUCED BY: A.R. Rahman. MIXED BY: Nitesh, Suresh Perumal.




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  • This was a rare film in which A.R. Rahman shared credits with another music director - Clinton Cerejo in this case. Cerejo had worked as an arranger with Rahman in several film scores. This was also the only Hindi film song which Rahman produced but did not compose. The composer credit was given to Kaashif Sahib whose identity remains unknown. Kaashif had earlier written the lyrics for Rahman's "Khwaja Mere Khwaja" ("Jodhaa Akbar", 2008). Rahman had revealed at that time that Kaashif was his spiritual teacher who wished to remain anonymous.[1]