Kanoon Kya Karega

Kanoon Kya Karega

Album Category: Hindi, Film
Year: 1984
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Album Credits: MUSIC: Salil Chowdhury. MUSIC ASSISTANT: Ashish Roy.
Film Credits: DIRECTOR: Mukul Anand. PRODUCER: Bhagwanji V. Sindhwani. SCREENPLAY: Mukul Anand. DIALOGUE: B. Aar Ishara. ACTOR: Danny Denzongpa, More...


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  • This film was a remake of the Hollywood thriller "Cape Fear" (1962) which was based on the novel "The Executioners" (1957) by John D. MacDonald. "Cape Fear" (1962) was remade by Martin Scorsese in 1991. The Hindi film "Qayamat" (1983) was also loosely adapted from "Cape Fear" (1962).[1]
  • This was Mukul Anand's directorial debut. He had debuted as a writer earlier with the film "Muqaddar" (1978).[2]
  • The music theme used in the opening credits of this film was adapted from Vangelis' "Pulstar".[3]
  • This was a songless film.