Been Music

Been Music

Music Director: Ravi
Genre: Hindi Folk, Filmi
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Album: Nagin
Year: 1954
Album Category: Hindi, Film




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  • This famous instrumental theme was not played on the been but on an early keyboard instrument called clavioline. The musician who played the clavioline was Kalyanji Virji Shah, who went on to build a very successful career as a music director, first on his own and later as one half of the Kalyanaji - Anandji duo. Kalyanji had first heard about the clavioline from Dilip Dholakia who was assisting music director Chitragupta at the time. Before this instrumental piece, he had reproduced a been-like sound using the clavioline for the interludes of the song "O Naag Kahin Jaa Basiyo Re" ("Naag Panchami", 1953).[1][MR6][MR66]
  • This was the first time Ravi received credit as a music director in Hindi films. He also played the harmonium along with Kalyanji Virji Shah's clavioline to produce the been sound in this instrumental piece. Ravi was Hemant Kumar's assistant in several films including this one before striking out independently. He debuted as a music director in "Vachan" (1955).[2][3]
  • This popular instrumental piece was sampled by music director Pritam in the Hindi film song "Twist" ("Love Aaj Kal", 2009). It was heard again in "Haan Main Galat" ("Love Aaj Kal", 2020) which sampled "Twist" ("Love Aaj Kal", 2009).[4][5]
  • A blogger claimed that Ravi told him in an interview that the original tune for this musical piece was created by the pianist Lucilla Pacheco. He modified Pacheco's tune to give it an Indian flavour. This information has not been substantiated by any other source.[6]